All In: The Globe Trot Shuffle discussion

All In:  The Globe Trot Shuffle is my first novel.  I’m writing a series of full sized novels about a group of characters that I believe people may find interesting.  I just self published this novel, so you can check it out.  This is the book’s blurb:

“Out of breath. Blood dripping from his helmet… John Gabriel Warden is faced with a moral and ethical dilemma. Standing in the middle of a dimly lit kitchen, Warden happens upon a discovery that will change his life, and the lives of his teammates forever. Will he turn away, or will he act upon this unbelievable find that most others would shy away from? The problem is, Warden is a United States Marine who is standing in a mansion that belonged to the former dictator during the red hot Invasion of Iraq.

In this thriller, Warden will have to circumvent more than the enemy in a daring journey to keep his discovery secret, and safe until the time is right. He must put his life, and the lives of his teammates on the line to reach their goal. Warden must travel across the globe in this action packed adventure, and he finds that no where is safe. Time after time, Warden and his companions will have to reaffirm their will to continue on, after facing one daunting obstacle after the other. Will merely surviving be enough to see their dream turn into reality? Warden is determined to finish what he, and his friends started.”

I wrote this book with my own experiences in mind.  You may see some of that when you read my About Me section, and then read the novel.  It was an idea that I had way back in 2003.  During the war, we heard about others discovering large amounts of money in palaces.  We never got to see a palace until we made it to Tikrit, Iraq.  There, we bivouacked at one of Saddam Hussein’s largest palace complexes.  And I won’t lie, we all thought that we’d find a similar treasure trove.

We didn’t, but talked about what we’d do if we had.  How we’d split it.  The different methods that we could transport it home.  What we’d spend it on.  The talks were endless.  You have to remember, the largest segment of Marines come from the lower socio economic rungs on the social ladder.  Hearing about millions of dollars was so tantalizing when you came from homes that qualified for reduced lunch.

You have to realize that we aren’t mindless war fighting robot killers.  Or pirates.  We were a bunch of 18 to 20 year old kids.  We still had high school clothes in our barracks’ wall lockers.  If you ever met a person in the military, you’d find that they were not much different than you.  And who wouldn’t have been tempted to take a few bills?

Well, I wanted to write the story of what would have happened if we did find some.  And I held off on writing until now, because I’ve been living a crazy life.  College, interning in Manila.  Working in Iraq, Oman, and Qatar.  Taking trips to Thailand, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Bahrain, to name a few.  I finally did what many didn’t think was possible.  I slowed to a crawl, and set down roots.  Now I can start writing out all these amazing experiences and adventures I’ve had.  And to write other genres and ideas that I have.

For now, I’ll focus on this Warden Series.  I’m on book two right now.  And I plan up to 6 novels in this series.  Then I’ll start writing out the other novels I have in mind.  I’m excited to see how this turns out!  Thank you for being an audience, and bearing with me.  I hope you enjoy this book, and be ready for the next one to come out soon.

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