Amazon Product Reviews

I self published a novel on Amazon.  I'm proud of the accomplishment.  I may never get anything out of it.  I may write a dozen more novels, and never sell a dozen copies of each.  I don't care.  It's an accomplishment in itself to have a book published with my name on it.  I put … Continue reading Amazon Product Reviews


Filipino American

I wanted to talk about my heritage today.  I'm a proud Filipino American.  I actually don't look very Filipino, but I'm proud regardless.  I grew up speaking English with a good mix of Tagalog words and phrases thrown in for good measure.  I learned a couple of Spanish words from my mother as well (also … Continue reading Filipino American

Writing strong book characters of different backgrounds

I wanted to talk about writing strong book characters of different backgrounds, and how it relates to mainstream novels.  I started to write my first novel, All In:  The Globe Trot Shuffle,without knowing what race my characters would be.  I am half Filipino (Mother), and half American/Western European (Father).  And my main character is also … Continue reading Writing strong book characters of different backgrounds

New Author’s Goals

I wanted to talk about writing goals real quick.  I am a self-published indie author.  I do my own marketing, advertising, and promotion.  It's so time consuming.  I found myself investing too much time into marketing, advertising, and promoting my newly published book, that I've neglected to work on my current novel. I should be … Continue reading New Author’s Goals