Roads Less Traveled

I'm not putting together a recruitment drive for the military, but I think people may not know alternatives.  I'm speaking of college, college loans, and trying to start a career. I'm a Millennial.  I was born in 1982, and I graduated high school in 2000.  How millennial is that?  I graduate high school, and have to … Continue reading Roads Less Traveled


Paul’s books and social media pages

You'll find all of my relevant sales and social media links below.  Follow, subscribe, send a friend request, and like as many as you can.  I like to keep in touch with my audience.   Amazon Sales page for Sullivan's Island Lighthouse   Amazon Sales page for My Book of Poetry: Select Poems by an … Continue reading Paul’s books and social media pages

2002 Article from the Marines

I'll past the article here, but also provide the hyperlink   Radio operator passes torch, Marine returns to CAX with father's wisdom By Lance Cpl. G. Lane Miley | | July 25, 2002 TWENTYNINE PALMS, Calif. -- "People often think of Chesty Puller or Smedley Butler as the model Marine, but I look up … Continue reading 2002 Article from the Marines

2002 Marine Corps article I’m in

I'm copying and pasting, but I'm also providing the hyperlink   MAGTF-2 lands; adds heat to desert floor By Lance Cpl. G. Lane Miley | | July 24, 2002 TWENTYNINE PALMS, Calif. -- The latest Combined Arms Exercise warriors have arrived. More than 2,000 Carolina-based Marines and sailors are currently at Camp Wilson here. … Continue reading 2002 Marine Corps article I’m in

Can kids just be kids?

I'm noticing a trend now that I have daughters.  I guess this isn't something you would notice as a man until you had girls.  It never crossed my mind until I got married, and my wife and I had kids.  I hope that I'm not being over sensitive to it either, but I am trying to teach … Continue reading Can kids just be kids?

The ideas behind the book

I didn't originally plan on writing a series.  I was going to write one book, and then move on.  The more I wrote though, the more I realized I had to much to tell in one novel.  I wrote All In, but realized I couldn't get everything in that I wanted to.  I also realized … Continue reading The ideas behind the book

Announcing the release of my 2nd Novel

I'm proud to announce that my 2nd full length novel is available on Amazon.  Cash Me Out:  Life and Death in Paradise is an action & adventure thriller, packed full of romance and suspense. It's the 2nd book in my Warden Series.  Book 1; which is also my 1st novel, is called All In:  The … Continue reading Announcing the release of my 2nd Novel

Cash Me Out: Life and Death in Paradise

Here is a sneak peek at the next novel in the Warden Series.  I project it to be done by the end of May 2016.  Stay posted for links to the finished novel soon You've read All In:  The Globe Trot Shuffle.  Now be prepared for Cash Me Out:  Life and Death in Paradise.   Back … Continue reading Cash Me Out: Life and Death in Paradise