Noah James Marcs

Character Biography:

Noah James Marcs, a.k.a. “Marco”
The Voice of Reason
Private First Class (promoted to Lance Corporal after the war, and Corporal before he got out.  Promoted to Sergeant in the Individual Ready Reserve)
Graduated High School- 2001
6 foot 2 inches, 225 lbs

Noah James Marcs, was born on June 17, 1983 in Missouri City in Houston, Texas.  Marcs has an older step brother, a younger step sister, and a younger half brother.  He never met his father, and doesn’t feel too close to his step father.  His step father is a security guard at the Center of Medicine, Texas Complex and his mother works as a medical biller and coder there as well.

Marcs is very athletic.  He played high school football, and constantly works out.  He felt like he didn’t belong at home, so he quickly enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after he graduated high school.  Growing up, Marcs was very involved in his church but strayed as he got older. He found his spirituality again while in boot camp, but isn’t overly devout.

Enlisting out of Texas, Marcs went to Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.  After 13 weeks of boot camp, he graduated and was assigned to the Marine Combat Training Battalion in School of Infantry West, aboard Camp Pendleton.  After graduation, he went directly to his military occupational school aboard Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, California.  He was assigned to the Marine Corps Communications and Electronics School, Bravo Company to become a Field Radio Operator.  He graduated near the top of his class, so he was selected to go to the follow on  Multi-channel Equipment Operators Course.  He started out as a 0621, but became a 0622. Upon graduation of MEOC, he received orders for 2nd Marine Division, Headquarters Battalion, Communications Company, MUX platoon.  MUX stands for Multiplexer, Multi-channel or Microwave; Ultra high frequency; Transmit.  He did not deploy before he participated in the Invasion of Iraq.

Marcs is the youngest of the team, but is taller and more muscular than everyone else. He’s developing a sense of humor, and tries to encourage the team to think things out before blindly making decisions.  He came to the platoon as a Private First Class, but was promoted to Lance Corporal after the war.  He was promoted to Corporal before he left the Marines, and promoted to Sergeant in the Individual Ready Reserve.  He was an exemplary Marine.

After the Marines, Noah returned to Houston and got his associates degree in Computer Science. He earned a few computer IT certifications, and left Houston for a job in San Antonio. He works help desk for a new tech start up, but hasn’t tried to get a better position.  He wants to do something vastly different than IT work.

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