Renaldo Enteria Diaz

Character Biography:

Renaldo Enteria Diaz, a.k.a., “Deez”
The Funny One
Lance Corporal (promoted to Corporal before he left the Marines)
Graduated High School-2000
5 foot 8 inches, 165 lbs

Renaldo Enteria Diaz, was born on April 13, 1982 in Denver, Colorado.  He is the eldest of three kids with a little brother, and a little sister.  Diaz’s parents both work for an after hours cleaning company in downtown Denver.

Diaz played high school baseball, and football.  He got a job at a fast food restaurant after he graduated high school, but was fired because he was constantly joking with the staff. With no other prospects, he decided to join the United States Marine Corps.

Enlisting out of Colorado, Diaz went to Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.  After 13 weeks of boot camp, he graduated and was assigned to the Marine Combat Training Battalion in School of Infantry West, aboard Camp Pendleton.  After graduation, he went directly to his military occupational school aboard Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, California.  He was assigned to the Marine Corps Communications and Electronics School, Bravo Company to become a Field Radio Operator.  He graduated near the top of his class, so he was selected to go to the follow on  Multi-channel Equipment Operators Course.  He started out as a 2531, but became a 2532.  Shortly afterwards, they changed the MOS’s so he became a 0622.  Upon graduation of MEOC, he received orders for 2nd Marine Division, Headquarters Battalion, Communications Company, MUX platoon.  MUX stands for Multiplexer, Multi-channel or Microwave; Ultra high frequency; Transmit.  He participated in a few Stateside deployments.

He is best friends with Madson, and they often get in trouble together. He was promoted to Lance Corporal before Madson, even though he came in a few months after Madson did.  He was promoted to Corporal, but still received a few page 11’s which he proudly boasted about.

After the Marines, Diaz returned to Denver and got a job as a beverage distributor driver/deliverer. His younger sister and younger brother have graduated college on scholarships, and are starting promising careers. Diaz feels like he’s rich already, so he doesn’t need to work hard.  He just doesn’t have his riches in hand yet to justify how lazy he’s acting.


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