PRP3 The Author

I wanted to say that I'm very appreciative that people have picked my stories to read.  I'm writing more for you all as we speak.  Don't forget to drop a word and let me know what you thought of what you read.  All of my books are available on Amazon Kindle and are in Kindle Unlimited. … Continue reading PRP3 The Author


Police Shooting and Protests

I think I've been quiet on the issue for too long.  The issue is not going away on its own.  Me speaking on it won’t make any difference either, but I have friends on both sides of the police shooting issue.  I think I need to throw in my two cents.  Hopefully it can help … Continue reading Police Shooting and Protests

Go wide or stay KDP

I'm an Indie Author with barely any readership.  I'm not well known, and don't advertise much.  I'm just writing, and trying to expand my body of work.  I know readers will find my books in time.  Right now I have to focus on my day job, and my family.  I write more for fun, and … Continue reading Go wide or stay KDP

Amazon Free Promotion September 3 – 7

All In: The Globe Trot Shuffle will be available to download for free from September 3 - September 7.  Make sure to get your copy Four US Marines make a discovery in a palace during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq.  They safeguard it during the rest of the war.  They return years later as … Continue reading Amazon Free Promotion September 3 – 7