PRP3 The Author, Amazon Reviewer

I have reviewed many books and products on Amazon, and see that people have voted some of my reviews as helpful.  I like to think that I’ve helped some people make purchases.

I love to read books, and the top genres I prefer to read are:  Zombie Apocalypse, Post Apocalypse, Marines, War, Military Fiction, Military Non Fiction, Alternate History, Historical Fiction, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Crime Thrillers, and Noir’s.

I leave honest reviews for every book that I have purchased on Amazon as well as on Goodreads.  I even left honest reviews for books that I’ve read in the past but didn’t purchase on Amazon.

I leave a review for every item I buy as well.  I may not leave a huge review, but I at least leave a rating.  I do this because I believe that it helps other shoppers when they need to decide whether to get an item that they’re not completely sure about yet.

My Amazon Reviewer name is prp3theauthor and Amazon Reviewer profile is:

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