Hurricane Preparedness

This one will be short and to the point.  Have a plan.  If you live in an area where a hurricane is approaching, then you need to be prepared.  They can predict that a storm skirts your area, but it can still hit you.  It can be predicted to be a lower category, and it could pick up strength before it hits you.

The thing is, you never know.  You could be a survivor of  a worst storm in the past, but this one just might be the one that rips your roof off.  The winds might not be that bad, but it floods the river up stream from you, and your street becomes a canal.

Try to be out of the area when the storm hits, because its easier to come back after the storm passes rather than trying to escape under horrible conditions.  Have a route to a shelter picked out, or a friends place to go to that is away from the affected area.

A lot of this seems like a no brainer, but people still find themselves hurt, stranded, or in need of help.  I’ve lived on the NC coast from 1993 to 1999, from 2001 to 2006, and from 2014 until now.  I’ve weathered many storms with varying degree of success, so I’m also still learning and trying to stay prepared before hand.

Here are things to keep in mind.  Top off your vehicle.  Have extra fuel cans ready.  Have new propane tanks for your grill.  Have enough water for everyone to drink a few gallons a day for a week.  Have enough canned food or non perishable food to last for a week.  Have a to go bag with a few days worth of clothes packed for everyone.  Have all of your valuables and important documents packed and ready.  Have medicines packed.  Have a first aid kit.  Have batteries, candles, a flashlight, and a battery operated radio.

Also, don’t forget about your pet.  Can you bring your pet to the shelter?  If not, leave food and water out in your home.  If you can bring your pet, have pet food and water for your pet packed.

Remember, Hurricanes aren’t just wind and rain.  Tornadoes come.  Lightning may strike.  Flooding occurs.  Trees block roads or fall on your house.  Power goes out, and your food spoils.  You open windows, and mosquitoes come in to bite you.  You try to drive over water on the road, and your vehicle gets swept away….

There’s so many things that can go wrong, so please be ready.  Have a plan, and don’t wait until its too late.

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