PRP3 The Author, my social media pseudonym

My name is Paul Russell Parker III.  I decided not to use a pen name when I became an Author.  I want to put my own name on my own work.  I’m proud to have written books.  It’s one of my top accomplishments.

The problem is that I have such a common name!  There have to be 50 million Paul Parker’s and 10 million Paul Russell Parker’s.  Even my initials were a no go.  P. R. Parker is common as well.  Social Media is flush with all of those variations…

So far, there’s not too many Paul Russell Parker III’s, but I have to rely on something else to stand out.  I need something unique.  That’s where PRP3 The Author comes in.  It’s my Author, online presence.  My social media pseudonym.  I won’t put PRP3 The Author on a book cover, but I’ll put it on my social media accounts. If people search for Paul Parker, they may not get to my books.  prp3theauthor will get them there.

PRP3 The Author written like that?  It’s a crap shoot.  I’m flooding the internet with PRP3 The Author on as many websites as I can.  That way, it’ll lead back to my pages on an online search.  Right now, it’ll take you to some protein pages. PRP3 deals with RNA/DNA and binding agents…  Cool, but not me.  PRP3 The Author is me.

Copyright 2016. PRP3 The Author Media

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