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I’m starting a book review section on my blog.

I’m reading a book right now and realized that as an Indie Author, I should be doing more. Before I wrote, I never reviewed. I just read a book and told others about it. Then I became an Author and went back & rated all the books I’d read in the last few years. On Goodreads and Amazon. Books I purchased on Amazon and others I didn’t purchase, but read in the past. Most were just ratings, but those are important too.

Now that I write, I realize how important reviews are. I’ll still rate and review on Amazon & Goodreads, but those will be a short line or two on those sites. On my blog, I’ll start leaving more in depth reviews. In depth is like a paragraph or two at the most, with what I like, what I thought, if I’d recommend it, and how many stars out of Five I’d give it. I won’t post spoilers or tell people the full run down! I don’t like that when I read reviews on books.

I’ll also contact the Author if that’s possible, and let them know of my review so they can share the link and use it for promoting & advertising the book.

Why? Why not?! I like to read, and I like to share things about a book I read. Seems like a natural step. Writer of books, reader of books, and reviewer of books.  I’m not doing this for money, or by request.  I’m not trying to get on anyone’s good side.  I am an avid reader.  I purchase several books on my own each month to read.  I do this without prompting or asking, so if your book is ever reviewed?  It’s not because you asked, paid, or requested it.  It’s reviewed because I like reading books of all genres and decided to jot down my thoughts on it.

This is something I’ll work on in the next few weeks.

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