THE DOOR INTO WAR by Andrew Richardson

Here’s my standard disclaimer.  I saw the title listed on a website for mystery & thriller books and decided to check it out. I purchased this title as an eBook from Amazon on my own accord. The Author did not send me a copy to review, and did not request me to review this book. A rating will follow this review on Goodreads and Amazon.

I review books based on the story itself.  I’m not an editor and I’m not reading these books to proof them for Authors.  I’ve read classics or best sellers with mistakes in them.  The only time I will let mistakes effect my review is if the mistakes made reading the book cumbersome. At that point, I will just give it a lower number rating while reviewing the actual story itself.

I don’t like reading a review that is basically the back cover blurb, or something that gives away too much of the story. Personally, I like suspense. I like to discover the details of the story as I read them. So, please enjoy this spoiler free book review!


I’m happy to announce that the fifth book I’m reviewing on my blog is a book called THE DOOR INTO WAR by Andrew Richardson.

THE DOOR INTO WAR is a Time Travel, Conspiracy, Military thriller. This story has political intrigue as well.  The reader will see a similarity in our current governments to the ones in the book, and will question how the people in government perceive them, and wonder if they’re best interest is taken into consideration.  Also, it will force the reader to make a personal decision that may be uncomfortable.  Do you support the means to an end?  Or, is the end worthless because of what had to be done to get there…

This story was fascinating.  The time travel aspect, the reason for it, how they do it, and the government’s actions…  You will really feel bad for Rachel and her colleagues while hoping that the antagonists get their just desserts.  I found the ending refreshing.  All too often, you read predictable endings.  But this ending?  The resolution?  You are in for a treat.  It was for me at least.  I like a dark thriller.

I enjoyed this story from start to finish.  The characters were realistic and the cover looked good.  The journey this story took me on was great. I recommend this book to others. I rate this book 5 out of 5!

-PRP3 The Author Media. December 21, 2016

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