WHEN WE GO MISSING by Kristen Twardowski

Here’s my standard disclaimer. I saw the title listed on a website for mystery & thriller books and decided to check it out. I found that the book was part of Kindle Unlimited, and I’m a KU subscriber, so I downloaded this title through Amazon on my own accord. The Author did not send me a copy to review, and did not request me to review this book. A rating will follow this review on Goodreads and Amazon.

I review books based on the story itself. I’m not an editor and I’m not reading these books to proof them for Authors. I’ve read classics or best sellers with mistakes in them. The only time I will let mistakes effect my review is if the mistakes made reading the book cumbersome. At that point, I will just give it a lower number rating while reviewing the actual story itself.

I don’t like reading a review that is basically the back cover blurb, or something that gives away too much of the story. Personally, I like suspense. I like to discover the details of the story as I read them. So, please enjoy this spoiler free book review!

I’m happy to announce that the tenth book I’m reviewing on my blog is a book called WHEN WE GO MISSING by Kristen Twardowski.

WHEN WE GO MISSING is a suspenseful thriller.  This is one of the most enthralling stories I’ve read in a long time.  Can you imagine?  Alex is married to a monster.  Sweet and charming, but a monster nonetheless.  The romance and marriage is a dream come true.  He swept her right off her feet.  She had it all.  You can’t help but to feel for her and the victims as well as their families when it all comes crashing down.  Some questions are answered, but others aren’t.  There’s a trial, but not everyone receives closure.

Alex’s life is turned upside down.  Is she crazy or not crazy?  Does anybody believe her?  Does she believe herself?  Is anyone safe?  Is the past repeating itself?  You will not put the book down until you find out, and you’ll want to find out!  The resolution is something you’d never expect.  It’s so fitting.

I was hooked from the first line. This is a great story.  The characters are well developed and the cover looks good. I recommend this book to others. I rate this book 5 out of 5!

-PRP3 The Author Media. December 26, 2016


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