PRP3 The Author Media


Welcome to PRP3 The Author Media

Our catalog currently has a total of four novels and two novellas in two different series.  Our first series; Warden Series, is in the Thriller genre.  Our second series; Crystals of The Enchantment Tree, is in the Fantasy genre.

More works are coming soon, so be sure to check in as often as possible.  Here is the current list of works published by PRP3 The Author Media:

Warden Series

All In:  The Globe Trot Shuffle

new all in cover


Cash Me Out:  Life and Death in Paradise

new cash me out cover


The Buildup to Operation Intense Freedom



Run The Table:  Operation Intense Freedom



The Aftermath of Operation Intense Freedom



Crystals of The Enchantment Tree

The Sambac Crystal and The Stolen Kingdom

sambac cover

Copyright 2017. PRP3 The Author Media

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