All The Best Sunday eBook Deals & Promos. June 18, 2017

Hello and welcome to All The Best Sunday eBook Deals & Promos.  This post is open to both Authors and Readers.  This is a free service, so please keep that in mind when browsing or commenting.

Readers:   Look through the comments at the bottom of this page and search for your next read.  Take a chance on the eBooks you see.  You may discover your next favorite Author.  After you take advantage of as many eBook deals as possible, share this post on your social media accounts so your friends can have the chance to find their next favorite eBook with the hashtage #prp3theauthor.  Thanks and enjoy!


Authors:  Post your eBook deals as early as you can on the Sunday Morning in the date in the title.  The sooner the better, so you can have the approved comment available for your own eBook promotions.

The more eBook deals you have, the better.  If you have any kind of promotion going on a Sunday, this is your place to share it.  You can post a free day, a countdown deal, an eBook that always cost 99 cents, any ongoing discount deal under $2.99 that Sunday, permanently free eBooks (permafree), and eBooks not on sale but always cost $2.99 or lower.  That’s right, if your eBook always cost $2.99 or less, you can spread the word about it here.  Even peramafree eBooks are welcomed.  The goal of this post is to connect readers with Authors.

Just follow the template below, and after it’s moderated, the comment will be posted.  Don’t worry about posting a picture of your cover, a cover image will be provided from your URL.  Your eBook title and Author name will be a clickable link to your eBook’s sales page.  Make sure to only post one eBook deal per comment.  If you have additional eBooks with deals, you need to make another post per eBook.

Book Title by Author Name

URL of the eBook’s sale page

Two line description of the eBook.  Keep it short but catchy.  Long descriptions will lead to the eBook deal comment being deleted.

Price of the eBook that Sunday

Disclaimer if the eBook is erotica, political, or religious.  This doesn’t necessarily mean your post won’t be approved.  Discretion will be used in the approval process.  See the disclaimer at the bottom of the page for more details.


Once you’re done, make sure to share this post as much as you can on your social media accounts with the hashtag #prp3theauthor.  The more you spread the word about these deals and promos, the better chance you have of your work being discovered.  Other Authors are sharing the post as well, so everyone is helping each other out.  You can share the post while you await moderation, once you see the approved comment, or at any time on that Sunday.



*This site takes no responsibility and no liability for the content in the comments of this post.  Anybody can post a comment with an eBook deal, and it is assumed that everyone is posting a deal that they are responsible for.  This site makes no guarantee about the advertised eBook deals in the comments.  It is the responsibility of the reader to ensure that the deal is present on the eBook’s sales page before the reader purchases the item.  If any issue arises from eBook deals in the comments of this post, it is between the purchaser, the website selling the eBook, and the person posting the eBook deal to resolve, because this site is not creating the deal or originating the comment.  Also, there is no guarantee of approval.  Posts may be deleted or removed at any time for any reason, based solely on this site’s discretion.

**This is a safe-for-work (SFW) post, so if your eBook is erotica, political, or religious; your not-safe-for-work (NSFW) eBook may not be approved.  Place a disclaimer in your post that your eBook is one of the three above, so readers will know that before they click.  This site will use the utmost discretion when approving eBooks that are NSFW, and there is no guarantee that eBook deal comments will be approved.  Some might be approved while others might not be approved.  It all depends on the degree and severity of how NSFW this site finds the eBook cover and title.  This site is pretty liberal when it comes to literature, but illegal, distasteful, hateful, or inappropriate images, words, or content will not be posted.  People of all ages visit this website, so that is also taken into consideration in what will be approved or what will not be approved.

***This is not a service for eBook’s who’s only criteria is that they are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.  KU is a great service, but those eBooks aren’t free for non-KU subscribers.  Your eBook can be enrolled in KU, but if it doesn’t meet the stated criteria ($2.99 or lower, always 99 cents, countdown days, free days, discount deals less than $2.99, permafree, etc), this is not the place to post your KU eBook.  For example, if your eBook costs $3.00 or more, but it is not temporarily discounted, and you’re only posting a comment because it is enrolled in KU?  The comment will be deleted.   If it’s $2.99 or less and enrolled in KU, it will be approved based solely on the $2.99 or less part.



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