Christina’s Beach Reads Title Wave, July 1st

Are you a reader looking for your next page turner?  Then look no further!  On July 1st, an event will be open to all readers looking to restock their Kindles.  As a reader, you can go to the website and choose from over 70 free or deeply discounted eBooks.

For the time being, you can head to the website and sign up for the newsletter.  You will receive the newsletter once, when the event is about to go live.  Once it goes live, the website will change from what it is now to the public event with dozens of books of different genres available.  Here’s the website:

Christina’s Beach Reads Title Wave

You can also head over to Thunderclap and help promote the event.

After that, you can head to the Goodreads event page as a reader, and join the event.

There is also a Facebook event page, and you can interact with many participating Authors on the day of the promotion.  You can let them know that you’re reading their books, and ask them questions about the books you picked up.


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