Resurrection America by Jeff Gunhus

Here’s my standard disclaimer. I received a free copy of this title from the Author in exchange for an honest review.  A rating will follow this review on Goodreads and on Amazon.

I review books based on the story itself. I’m not an editor and I’m not reading these books to proof them for Authors. I’ve read classics & best sellers with mistakes in them. The only time I will let mistakes effect my review is if the mistakes make reading the book cumbersome. At that point, I will just give it a lower number rating while reviewing the actual story itself.

I don’t like reading a review that is basically the back cover blurb, or something that gives away too much of the story. Personally, I like suspense. I like to discover the details of the story as I read them. So, please enjoy this spoiler free book review!


I’m happy to announce that the twenty first book that I’m reviewing on my blog is a book called Resurrection America by Jeff Gunhus.

Resurrection America is a science fiction, post-apocalyptic, horror story about a future world where governments, mad men, and perhaps both working hand in hand, attempt to gain global superiority through militarized technology.  When the world becomes desensitized to carnage and violence, is it even worth saving anymore?  And if it is, who then is worthy of being spared from a globe spanning genocide?  It’s a tough scenario to ponder, and even tougher yet when you’re thrust right into the middle of it; as our protagonist is.

The story is centered around a small town Sheriff named Rick Johnson; a man who wants nothing more than to keep his town afloat while trying to build up and maintain personal relationships with those around him.  Things are not that simple though…  Rick is a combat Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and he’s dealing with old physical and psychological wounds from his many past combat deployments.  If keeping the wounds of his past out his mind was hard enough, he now finds that the abandoned mine that the town used to rely on is a buzz of activity again.  The problem is, no one is supposed to be up there.  And there’s a further twist.  A blast from his past shows up at a very in-opportune moment, further making things difficult for Rick and his efforts to keep the town’s best interest in mind.  As Sheriff, Rick needs to find out what these interlopers are doing in his town, but the promise of a better future for the town stems Rick’s urge to act.  A move that may come back to haunt him in the future.

In the world Rick lives in, violence and global conquest are the new norm.  Gone are the days of peace, the countries of the world are seemingly tearing themselves to pieces.  The United States of America is no longer the lone Super Power it used to be, it’s not even close to being a global power anymore.  Decades of small wars in desert countries with no end in sight, along with devastating terror attacks within its shores, has turned the US into a shell of it’s former self.  That’s over there though, far away from home.  The world may be falling apart, but the town of Resurrection is safe from carnage.  Or it used to be, until Rick is confronted by strangers.  Enemies or friends, he really can’t tell…  Strangers who seem to want the best thing for the country, but who may really be on a path to turn the world upside down.  Starting right there in his sleepy little ex-mining, mountain town.

The story will keep you guessing.  You may think you know what will happen next, and then it’s completely different.  I had guessed at what the outcome would be several times throughout the book, but all of them were wrong.  The way it did turn out?  Utilizing technology in the way they did?  I was amazed.  The science fiction part of the story isn’t so much science fiction, but rather “science that hasn’t happened yet but will be here before you know it.”  Also, I was pleased with how Rick progressed in the story.  He did what Marines do, rely on their training and charge ahead full on.  Other stories turn Veterans of the military into walking cliches, but he was very well developed.  The bad guys?  They were bad, you hated them, but you also kinda respected their intention.  I mean they wanted good things for the country, but what’s an acceptable cost?  How many lives are worth sacrificing to save lives?  Whose lives are worthy to preserve, and whose aren’t?  Hopefully, we will never have to be the judge of that.

I enjoyed the story, and I recommend this book to others who like post apocalyptic, science fiction, horror with lots of action. This story is fast paced, and will keep you up well into the night.  I rate this book 4 out of 5!

-PRP3 The Author. May 22, 2018

Copyright 2018. PRP3 The Author Media


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