Visit Tikal National Park in Peten Department, Guatemala

Hello, and welcome back to my travel blog.  For this trip, I'm going to talk about Tikal National Park in Peten Department, Guatemala.  Guatemala is a tropical landscape that has been inhabited for millennia.  Some of the most famous denizens of this region are the Maya, whose city-states ruled over a large swath of Mesoamerica.  … Continue reading Visit Tikal National Park in Peten Department, Guatemala


Ancestry DNA

I've always wondered what my overall ethnicity was.  I usually tell people that I'm American, but when pressed for details, I don't know what to say.  I'll tell people that I'm mixed; I'm half white and half Filipino.  Other than that, I have no clue.  It's a question I've always wondered about, and I've recently … Continue reading Ancestry DNA


I've always been curious about my ethnicity.  When people asked in the past, I usually said that I'm American.  When pressed, I generally follow up with "I'm all mixed up.  my Dad's white and my Mom's from the Philippines."  If only I knew how truly mixed I was! Pictured: My father, myself, and my mother … Continue reading 23andMe