The Buildup to Operation Intense Freedom is free on March 06 and March 07

The Buildup to Operation Intense Freedom by Paul Russell Parker III is free on March 06 and March 07.  It’s usually priced at $4.99.  Click HERE to get your free copy.

-thriller -war story -Iraq War -OIF -2003 Invasion of Iraq -military -USMC -Veteran

Overwhelmed with confusion. Newly arrived in Camp Commando, Kuwait.

John Gabriel Warden has no clue why he’s in the Middle East. He and his team were told they would be temporarily assigned duty to the 1st Marine Division, but he assumed they’d fly to California. Nothing prepared Warden to find themselves driving off of a C-5 at Kuwait International Airport.

Not only are they in a new country, but all conventional rules are thrown out of the window. Warden and his team find themselves training for war in an allied country, and driving around Kuwaiti highways with fully loaded weapons during peace time.

In this military thriller novella, Warden is a US Marine tasked to lead a team of Marines with the 1st Marine Division. He needs to ensure that his team is ready to go to war if the call is given. Warden feels left in the dark, and out of his element while he struggles through setback after setback that would drive others insane during this buildup to a potential combat operation.

Can Warden ensure that his team will be ready to fight? Warden continues to hope so, even though everything that could go wrong, does go wrong.

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