A request to rate the books you read

Hello readers and fans! Remember, you don't have to purchase my books from Amazon to leave a rating or review. If you were gifted any one of my books, downloaded them for free, bought them, found them in a Little Library, found them at a rest area, at a mall, some other random place, etc... … Continue reading A request to rate the books you read



Head on over to Jennifer S. Alderson's website to check out some great books set in in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Including a book by yours truly!  The easiest way to travel is by book.  You get to enjoy a new place while saving your ticket money. Jennifer S. Alderson's Travel By Book

All In: The Globe Trot Shuffle is free on September 12

Head over to Amazon and a get a free eBook copy of All In:  The Globe Trot Shuffle on September 12 Amazon Link

PRP3 The Author conducting an ESPN.com Fantasy Football Draft

PRP3 The Author conducts a standard, 10 player free league draft on the ESPN website to give beginners an in depth analysis into how to conduct their own drafts. You can listen to all of the tips and guidance PRP3 The Author has to offer as he makes his picks on the night of September … Continue reading PRP3 The Author conducting an ESPN.com Fantasy Football Draft

Learn about Vanity Presses, Traditional Presses, and Indie Authors

PRP3 The Author discusses 3 paths to publishing: Vanity Presses, Traditional Presses, and Indie Authors. This overview will give you a better idea of which path may be best for you. https://youtu.be/0v6CMsP0CzY

Fantasy Football Drafts for Beginners

PRP3 The Author discusses how a beginner should prepare for their first NFL Fantasy Football draft.   https://youtu.be/ocVLTk0D3JM

Behind the scenes, narrating books with PRP3 The Author

A quick behind the scenes look into how I'm jumping into the book narration business. I'm narrating my novels to make them available as audio books. https://youtu.be/6fuhC7aD1mE