Back Cover Blurb Reveal

If you felt betrayed, would you still play the game by their rules? Clouded by anger. Feeling ostracized by everyone who didn’t deploy. John Gabriel Warden is a US Marine who survived the Invasion of Iraq. He thought that once he and his team came home that they would be treated with respect. What he … Continue reading Back Cover Blurb Reveal


Cover Reveal for my new book

Run The Table:  Operation Intense Freedom (Warden Series Book 3)   ~Would you cheat if the deck was already stacked against you?~ Paralyzed by fear. Staring up at the sky through his gas mask. John Gabriel Warden is terrified and lying in a hole. One minute its business as usual, and the next there are … Continue reading Cover Reveal for my new book

Upcoming Cover Reveal! July 15, 2016

Stop by this Friday to see the cover of my 3rd novel.  You'll also see the title and blurb.  It's also the 3rd book in my Warden Series.  I hope to see you then!