Biography of Paul Russell Parker III

Paul Russell Parker III Paul Russell Parker III (born December 1, 1982) is an American author of thriller, fantasy, poetry, and non-fiction travel & photography books.  He writes travel articles for his website as he has visited over 15 different countries such as Canada, Belize, Guatemala, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, … Continue reading Biography of Paul Russell Parker III


Noah James Marcs

Character Biography: Noah James Marcs, a.k.a. "Marco" The Voice of Reason Private First Class (promoted to Lance Corporal after the war, and Corporal before he got out.  Promoted to Sergeant in the Individual Ready Reserve) Graduated High School- 2001 6 foot 2 inches, 225 lbs Noah James Marcs, was born on June 17, 1983 in … Continue reading Noah James Marcs

Renaldo Enteria Diaz

Character Biography: Renaldo Enteria Diaz, a.k.a., "Deez" The Funny One Lance Corporal (promoted to Corporal before he left the Marines) Graduated High School-2000 5 foot 8 inches, 165 lbs Renaldo Enteria Diaz, was born on April 13, 1982 in Denver, Colorado.  He is the eldest of three kids with a little brother, and a little sister. … Continue reading Renaldo Enteria Diaz

Kyle Anders Madson

Character Biography: Kyle Anders Madson, a.k.a. "Mad Hat" The Unpredictable One Lance Corporal (promoted to Corporal before leaving the Marine Corps) Graduated High School-2000 5 foot 11 inches, 195 lbs Kyle Anders Madson, was born on March 4, 1982.  He is the third child of five siblings.  He has an older brother, an older sister, and two … Continue reading Kyle Anders Madson

John Gabriel Warden

Character Biography: John Gabriel Warden, a.k.a. "Wardy" The Planner Lance Corporal (promoted to Corporal after the war, and then to Sergeant in the Individual Ready Rerserve) Graduated High School- 1999 5 foot 9 inces, 180 lbs John Gabriel Warden, was born on May 21, 1981, and is an only child. He is the son of … Continue reading John Gabriel Warden