eReaders and Paperbacks

I have spoken to many people about their reading platform of choice.  Many traditionalists prefer paperbacks and even the occasional hardback to eReaders.  Reading apps on smartphones?  Blasphemy.  Hard copies don't need to be charged.  Paper doesn't need batteries. eReaders and phone apps can fit in your pocket.  Others take up minimal space in your … Continue reading eReaders and Paperbacks


PRP3 The Author

I wanted to say that I'm very appreciative that people have picked my stories to read.  I'm writing more for you all as we speak.  Don't forget to drop a word and let me know what you thought of what you read.  All of my books are available on Amazon Kindle and are in Kindle Unlimited. … Continue reading PRP3 The Author

I’m now on Smashwords

I'm now on Smashwords:   See my Author Interview on Smashwords:   Cash Me Out:  Life and Death in Paradise on Smashwords:   For now, only Cash Me Out: Life and Death in Paradise is available through Smashwords.  All In: The Globe Trot Shuffle will be available shortly.   You can … Continue reading I’m now on Smashwords