Benefits of Vlogging for Authors

I made a video discussing the benefits of vlogging for Authors.  See it on my YouTube channel here. Copyright 2020 PRP3 The Author Media

Learn about Vanity Presses, Traditional Presses, and Indie Authors

PRP3 The Author discusses 3 paths to publishing: Vanity Presses, Traditional Presses, and Indie Authors. This overview will give you a better idea of which path may be best for you. Copyright 2017. PRP3 The Author Media

PRP3 The Author Media

  Welcome to PRP3 The Author Media Our catalog currently has a total of four novels and two novellas in two different series.  Our first series; Warden Series, is in the Thriller genre.  Our second series; Crystals of The Enchantment Tree, is in the Fantasy genre. More works are coming soon, so be sure to … Continue reading PRP3 The Author Media