PRP3 The Author, the book writer

This is going to be a short post.  I'm proud to share that I have four published books (3 novels & 1 novella).  I just started another Novella, and have the plot lines done for two other book series of different genres...  I'm excited to get writing!  The bad thing is, writing is labor intensive. … Continue reading PRP3 The Author, the book writer


PRP3 The Author

I wanted to say that I'm very appreciative that people have picked my stories to read.  I'm writing more for you all as we speak.  Don't forget to drop a word and let me know what you thought of what you read.  All of my books are available on Amazon Kindle and are in Kindle Unlimited. … Continue reading PRP3 The Author

The Buildup to Operation Intense Freedom

I just published a novella.  It can be found at The events of this novella takes place before the events of my upcoming 3rd novel, Run The Table:  Operation Intense Freedom.  I didn't want to write an epic, and I also didn't want to lose this story line.  You can see your new favorite … Continue reading The Buildup to Operation Intense Freedom