Cape Fear Kite Festival 2017

Here's a short clip of my visit to the Cape Fear Kite Festival 2017 at the Fort Fisher Recreation Area near Wilmington, NC


A request to rate the books you read

Hello readers and fans! Remember, you don't have to purchase my books from Amazon to leave a rating or review. If you were gifted any one of my books, downloaded them for free, bought them, found them in a Little Library, found them at a rest area, at a mall, some other random place, etc... … Continue reading A request to rate the books you read


Head on over to Jennifer S. Alderson's website to check out some great books set in in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Including a book by yours truly!  The easiest way to travel is by book.  You get to enjoy a new place while saving your ticket money. Jennifer S. Alderson's Travel By Book

All In: The Globe Trot Shuffle is free on September 12

Head over to Amazon and a get a free eBook copy of All In:  The Globe Trot Shuffle on September 12 Amazon Link

Learn about Vanity Presses, Traditional Presses, and Indie Authors

PRP3 The Author discusses 3 paths to publishing: Vanity Presses, Traditional Presses, and Indie Authors. This overview will give you a better idea of which path may be best for you.

Fantasy Football Drafts for Beginners

PRP3 The Author discusses how a beginner should prepare for their first NFL Fantasy Football draft.

Behind the scenes, narrating books with PRP3 The Author

A quick behind the scenes look into how I'm jumping into the book narration business. I'm narrating my novels to make them available as audio books.