Cash Me Out: Life and Death in Paradise’s Blurb

~What vile act would force you to take the law into your own hands?~

Staring out at the sunset. Water ebbing, and flowing over his feet.

John Gabriel Warden finally felt content. He found paradise. Not only did he find paradise, but he bought a house and bar on it. Things couldn’t get any better than this.

That’s what Warden thought. Until he met her. Warden didn’t start out looking for love, but destiny put them on a path towards each other. What she or Warden didn’t know was that his troubled past would be coming back to haunt them.

In this suspenseful tale of vigilante justice; Warden and his friends will be shocked out of their relative calm, and be put on a path of vengeance. Just when they thought that they put their old lives behind them, they will be forced once again to respond with the violence of action.

There is no shying away from it; scores against organized crime will be settled. They will have to see if they can muster enough strength to make it through this deadly struggle in this criminal heist thriller.

Will they be able to wake from this nightmare, or will their dreams that became a reality be forever ruined? They didn’t start this fight, but they are more than ready to finish it.

Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Heist, Murder, Noir, Organized Crime, Vigilante Justice, Crime Fiction

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