New Author’s Goals

I wanted to talk about writing goals real quick.  I am a self-published indie author.  I do my own marketing, advertising, and promotion.  It’s so time consuming.  I found myself investing too much time into marketing, advertising, and promoting my newly published book, that I’ve neglected to work on my current novel.

I should be near done with book 2 by now.  But I’m only halfway there.  I’m not too far behind schedule, but it’s frustrating.  I want the first book (All In:  The Globe Trot Shuffle) to do well.  But at the same time, I need to work on my next novel.  I hate seeing my book not sell though.  So I’ll take breaks from writing to have my 1st book advertised or promoted.  Then I lose track of time, and put off the manuscript for book 2 until the next day.

I self-published on Amazon, and they will pretty much do nothing for you.  You can join Kindle Select, and have your book offered for free for Kindle Unlimited members.  And you get a promotion to use for a week every 90 days.  You can offer your book for free or offer it at a discount.  The most that Amazon will do is put your book at the bottom of the page of other books customers looked at, after looking at your book.  You will have to advertise your promotion by yourself.  So prepare to hit up Twitter, Facebook groups, and other social media sites you use.

So my goal, which should be a good goal for other brand spanking new authors, is to write.  Forget the promoting, advertising, and marketing for now.  I need to focus on getting more novels out there.  I believe customers don’t want to take a chance on a brand new Author’s only book.  If there are other books, it may be more comforting for them to try the book out.  If there are good reviews, they may be more encouraged.

I tried advertising, and promoting in the past when I first published.  I didn’t see great results.  The book stands for itself, it’s just that I’m an indie author with no body of work.  Why trust in my only book to spend your money on?  Also, if your book is a niche book, you need to target that audience.  Doing a giveaway or blasting book groups on social media that don’t read your genre will not bring you any sales.  You need to focus your advertising on your target market.  Think about what books you like to read.  What if someone said they will give you a free book, but its a genre you don’t like or are not familiar with?  You wouldn’t read it.

So I put the side projects on hold starting today April 3, 2016.  My New Author’s Goals are:

-Keep in mind why I’m doing this.  It’s not for the money.  Or recognition.  It’s for the writing.  I like to write, and I like to tell stories.  I like books.  I want to put novels out that others will love.  That should be my number 1 through 10 goals!

-write book 2, 3, and 4 in the series.  If you have a series, it will build an audience who will want all of the books in the series to see the progression of the characters you created

-advertise as minimally as possible as each novel is published.  I’m thinking about offering the book on discount, or even free for a day or two.  And lowering the price of my other novels at the same time as one book is on sale.  So people will want to buy my other works as well.  This is free promotion for other books that I’m selling, when I’m paying for only one book’s promotion.  Then I’ll raise the prices to their normal sale price after the promotion.  That should help the novels climb the book lists.

-Start sending the finished novels to reviewers.  Or find people who would like to review my genre locally.  You don’t want someone not interested in your genre giving your book a review.  They may hate your genre, and tear your book apart

-Put out a novel or two in different genres.  It opens up my work to people who like specific genres.  They may read something in the genre they like, and take a chance on the other novels I wrote in different genres.

-As a new novel is published and goes on sale, take the previous novel out of Kindle Select.  Then upload that eBook on iTunes, Nook, and other sites.  Amazon is the biggest market, and the most profitable for authors, but it’s not the only one.  You can leave your new book in Select so Kindle Unlimited members can get that book for free.  But they’ll have to pay for your other books.  You can lower the price of it.  And then be able to have your work available on other sites

-Stop worrying about success.  I’m not a proven author, and I am not holding the best book ever published.  I have to get my body of work out.  Then grow my audience.  Then I can branch out, and work on success.  If you worry about your brand new, only novel you ever made, you will go mad.  Nobody is successful their first day or week out.  Maybe even their first book out.  It may take a few novels before you gain an audience.  Especially when you self published.

-Check out traditional publishers later on.  After I have a few novels out.  I don’t think it’ll make my book better, but they will have the tools to market the book.  I’m not talking about paying for a publishing package.  Those are ok, but it’s not much different from self publishing.  You get to save a lot of money by self publishing versus paying for a publishing package.  A traditional publisher will give you an advance, and work on getting your book out there.  You still have to pay for the advertising and marketing, but they have the business model and audience to make it worthwhile.


So those are a few of my goals.  I had to realize that I’m not going to be successful or rich from one eBook.  I have to work at it.  I have to realize what’s more important.  The writing is why I’m in this business.  I want others to like my stories, and provide universes for people to get lost in.  That’s my goal in the end


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5 thoughts on “New Author’s Goals

    1. Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time out to read the blog. At the end of the day, I still can’t believe I wrote something like a novel. I’m just happy with the accomplishment. I would check out other children’s books online, to see who the publishers are. And maybe contact them.

      You could self publish, and spread your children’s book out through your social media accounts, and network. I think people are always looking for a good children’s story. Especially schools.

      My book is called All In: The Globe Trot Shuffle. The eBook is free for Kindle Unlimited members on Amazon. Or $2.99 for everyone else who isn’t part of Kindle Unlimited. It’s an action adventure thriller. A group of US Marines make a discovery during the Iraq War in 2003. And carry out a plan after they get out of the military to make good on the discovery. It spans years, and several countries.

      It’s a niche genre, not many people are that specifically into military books. But if you think you’d like it, then I appreciate you considering reading it at some point. I’m working on book 2 of the series now. It takes place a year after the first book ends, and doesn’t have a military theme because of their new setting


  1. Thanks I really appreciate it. That’s the same philosophy I have. I’ve been on Twitter and Facebook meeting other up and coming writers and helping them out as much as I can too. Whether its reading their work, tweeting them to my followers, retweeting their tweets, or liking their posts. I’ll follow your blog, and when you publish your children’s book, I’ll be the first one to support a fellow writer

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